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A The Alvings redemption organization is not chosen at random because it will depend on your financial future. Choosing the best buyout of The Alvings requires mature consideration.

Faced with the multitude of offers to buy The Alvings on the market, you must keep in mind that the best offer will be one that will fill all your debts while ensuring repayment conditions best suited to your financial situation. To help you refine your search, here is a selection of the main criteria of choice to find the best buy back The Alvings.

How to find the best The Alvings redemption?

How to find the best The Alvings redemption?

Getting the best The Alvings buyout involves going through the best refinancing organization. In France, The Alvings redemption services are provided by The Alvings institutions, banks and BMOs (Intermediaries in Banking Operations), including brokers. All these organizations and professionals are subject to very strict regulation, and according to their experience and their contacts, you will propose different solutions. Our simulator helps you find the best of these proposals.

Between The Alvings repurchase and banking intermediary, your choice will turn towards the most competitive offer but especially that which will assure you a financial restructuring in the best conditions.

The first criterion for accessing the best The Alvings redemption is probably the deadlines: the deadline for making funds available and the repayment terms. If your debt situation requires quick financing, make sure that your The Alvings is repurchased as quickly as possible. However, because the repurchase of loan is not a trivial act, be sure to read the proposed terms before signing a The Alvings consolidation contract.

Most banks only offer The Alvings buybacks in relation to the loans they allocate. So if you want to play the competition, better turn to a specialist in The Alvings restructuring. A competent broker can put you in touch with several lenders. To guarantee you the best The Alvings redemption, he will put you in touch with the The Alvings institution that will offer you the most favorable refinancing features.

Choose preferably a member broker of AFIB (French Association of Banking Intermediaries) and / or registered in the national file of the bank and financial marketers . If necessary, make sure you have the option of taking out borrower insurance that will guarantee you the best The Alvings buy-back.

What commitments do you require for a The Alvings surrender?


In addition to the perfect mastery of The Alvings redemption techniques, a good bank refinancing provider must answer all your personal requests. So it is not enough for you to find a financier for your The Alvingss but to call on a professional who will listen to you by ensuring you a quality assistance that will allow you to leave your debt indebtedness.

The best buyout of The Alvings involves a flawless service to find the best viable debt relief solution. Among the commitments that you must require from your The Alvings repurchase organization or your broker, it must: be available to always call you back as soon as possible, to respect banking secrecy, to devote the necessary time to listen to your requests and to analyze your financial situation but above all commit to defend your file with its partners and make sure to get the best The Alvings buyback deal adapted to your debt situation.

Regarding file or intermediation fees for the redemption of your The Alvings, as part of your rights, you do not have to pay any money until you have obtained the restructuring loan you need. In addition, you have a right of withdrawal allowing you to cancel the purchase of The Alvings within a specified period without providing any proof.

Last point on the best buyout of The Alvings market

Last point on the best buyout of The Alvings market

There are and will always be unscrupulous people who will try to rip you off, or make money on your back. If you read testimonials, you’ll see that a lot of big broker agencies these days are sending out the queries that they’re getting almost automatically to one of their partners even though they do not have the best The Alvings buy-back, but they’re ‘miss it as long as they meet their quota. You will not even be informed of the progress of your file and will end up with a loan you do not want on the arms.

Do not forget that brokers have a legal obligation to advise you as much as possible and to find a solution adapted to your needs, and that you can denounce this kind of attitude to the organizations supervising them. In addition, remember that you have a right of withdrawal if the offer subscribed by your broker does not suit you, so do not wait to contact the organization and let him know your dissatisfaction !



How Does A Bank Collect Credit Debt? Debt Consolidation



By signing a loan agreement, you undertake to comply with all its clauses. This means that they must comply with the schedule of payments attached to it and deposit money into the account before the indicated dates. If the borrower ceases to comply with the terms of the contract, the bank will apply penalties and fines to it. According to the Law on Consumer Lending, the maximum allowable penalty is 0.1% of the amount of overdue debt per day. If the customer continues to make delays, the bank begins the process of recovery.

When does a bank start collecting credit debt?

When does a bank start collecting credit debt?


In theory, calls will start almost immediately, already three days later the debtor will call and be interested in the reason for the delay, ask when the delay will be closed, they will surely tell you about the accrued fines, But this is still not a collection process, it is just regular calls without pressure.


Debt collection

In banks, a contract is recognized as a problem under which there is no movement of funds within 90 days. It is after this time that the actual process of debt collection under the loan agreement begins, and a disappointing record of overdue more than 90 days is made in the credit history of the borrower . Up to this point, the borrower talks only with bank employees by phone, and after that other actions from the bank appear.

Bank security service

This service may be referred to as a collection department. Now the bank will take up this process more thoroughly. Employees of specialized departments are usually representative men in jackets and ties. They have received special training, often being former law enforcement officers. In fact, these are the same collectors, they only work for the bank.

Now calls can be made more often, conversations will be tougher, but there will be no direct threats, because the collection service operates within the framework of the law and cannot persuade anything to the debtor. The debtor may be invited to the conversation in the bank to settle the issue on a voluntary basis.

In general, at this stage, the debtor may offer to restructure the credit debt, or even forgive some of the accrued interest. You can also expect the visit of a representative of the bank at the place of registration and residence of the debtor. A conversation is also held here, the debtor is informed about the amount of the debt, and further actions to close the debt are discussed.

Collectors get down to business

Collectors get down to business


Now the life of the debtor can change drastically, because collection agencies will not be particularly ceremonious. Their employees receive a salary that is proportional to the loan debt they have collected, so they will do their utmost to make you repay the debt.

Actions of collectors against the debtor:
– regular calls (by law it is forbidden to call at night and evening);
– departure to the house to the debtor;
– calls to the relatives of the debtor, as well as to the contact persons indicated in the loan application form;
– calls to work number;
– sending letters, notices.

But these are, in fact, superficial actions that are allowed by the law, but the methods of influence of collection agencies on debtors are much more sophisticated, because these services are specific, in many cases the law is not alien to them, therefore the debtor should be prepared for the following methods of psychological influence:

– calls to the number of the immediate supervisor (the work environment will be tense);
– regular calls of a relative of elderly age (and we all know how they relate to debts);
– Talk with the debtor’s neighbors (humiliation in the eyes of others);
– threats, but they will not be direct, will be indirect. For example, the debtor may be asked if his wife is afraid to return late from work. It seems nothing but scary;
– damage to the front door. They can write it up, pour glue into the keyhole;
– Defamatory inscriptions such as “Sidorov is a rat, return the debt” may appear on the house or at the entrance of the apartment of the debtor;
– putting up discrediting leaflets around the house.

In general, life does not seem sweet. Of course, not all collectors apply actions that go beyond the law, but the creditor’s appeal to black collectors cannot be ruled out. Most often microfinance organizations cooperate with them, while large banks try to take care of their reputation and prefer to work with agencies that act only by legal means. But if the bank sold the debt to collectors, then nobody will stand on ceremony.

We recommend reading more on our website about how to protect yourself from collection agencies Sherlock .

Interaction with collectors can last a long time – 3-6 months or even longer. The debtor will try by all means to force them to pay the loan debt in parts, but this is generally meaningless. At this point, due to fines, the amount required for refund may increase significantly. If the debtor begins to partially pay off the debt, the recovery process will increase even more. Collectors will squeeze everything out of the debtor, but they will not go to court to get as many fines as possible. And the gradual repayment of the amount of debt will not change, it will still grow daily.

Debt recovery through court

Debt recovery through court


If the claimant understands that everything, no methods on the debtor do not work, to pay voluntarily he refuses, then it is time to file a claim in court. If the bank has sold debt to collectors, then they will sue. If it was just an agency agreement, the creditor itself will be the plaintiff.


Debt recovery in court

To begin with, the debtor will be sent a request for a full repayment of the debt, then a paper will arrive, indicating that the bank is filing a lawsuit. Suppose it is a warning that if within 10 days a citizen does not repay the debt in full, the creditor will go to court. And only after this period the bank applies to the appropriate authority. Within 3 months, the bank will try to return the debtor loyally to the payment schedule, then the collectors will be in debt for about half a year. It turns out that if you just take and not pay the loan, the court will be only after 9-12 months, and sometimes you can wait longer.

The statement of claim to the court for the recovery of credit debt is considered quickly. Previously, the debtor-respondent will be notified of the place of the process, of its time and date. He may not be on the process, anyway, the decision will be made in favor of the bank. Representatives of the plaintiff also rarely attend such events, so the court process most often takes place in the absence of both parties.

According to the outcome of the consideration of the claim, a decision will be made, the amount that must be returned to the borrower will be determined. To the delight of the debtor, most of the fines can be charged, and sometimes all of them. Now the debt will be fixed and transferred to the work of the bailiffs.

How do bailiffs collect loan debts?

How do bailiffs collect loan debts?


All actions of bailiffs are regulated by law, beyond which they never go.


Debt collection by bailiffs

The legislation defines the main points of the debt collection procedure on the court decision:

Step number 1 . Overlay on recovery of the part of the salary received by the debtor. To do this, the bailiff sends a request to the tax to find out exactly where the debtor is employed. Now, a writ of execution is sent to the address of the place of work, according to which 50% of the salary received will be deducted from the citizen. By going to court, this percentage can be reduced for objective reasons. Many debtors work unofficially, therefore, this method of recovery is not applicable to them. Then the bailiff proceeds to the next steps.

Step number 2 . The arrest of the debtor’s accounts. The bailiff will find out which banks have accounts registered in the name of the debtor. If these are found, then they are arrested. All funds available there and in the future will be transferred to the collecting bank. This also applies to deposit accounts, that is, deposits, they can also be seized. Not subject to arrest accounts with benefits and government payments. More precisely, at first they can be arrested, because the bailiff does not see where the funds come from, but the debtor can lift the sanction by contacting the bailiff service. If even the debtor does not have accounts, then there remains the last option – withdrawal of property.

What can pick up for the debts?

This is an extreme measure, which bailiffs start very rarely, except for the options when a loan was secured against property. In this case, the bank initially goes to court with the aim of withdrawing and further selling the pledge. If it was a car loan, a decision is made to withdraw the car. If it was a loan secured by real estate or mortgage, the property will also be sold under the hammer. Often in this case, disputes arise precisely around real estate. But here everything is unequivocal – the borrower pledged the property to the bank, which means that he can take it away, regardless of any circumstances, so they can take the apartment for debt.

If it was a simple unsecured loan, the issue is solved in a different way. Before the actual seizure of property can take a long time, because it is an extreme measure. And in general, the bailiff service works very slowly, as it is simply overwhelmed with various cases.

So, if the debtor does not officially work and has no accounts, then the final stage of the process of debt collection by bailiffs occurs. First of all, the attention of bailiffs attracts the debtor’s own vehicle. If there is one, then it is automatically arrested. At first it’s just an arrest, you can find out about it through checking on the traffic police website. In general, the arrest may be imposed at the initial stage of collection of credit debt, this is done just in case, so that the debtor does not have time to sell the car or rewrite it to another person.

If, as a result, the bailiff issues an order for the seizure of vehicles, then for the beginning this transport should be found. The first search activities are the place of registration of the debtor, then you need to find out where he lives. It happens that the debtors hide the cars, it is for such cases that bailiffs are raided together with the traffic police.

Seizure of an apartment for debt

Seizure of an apartment for debt


Most of all, debtors are afraid for their real estate and many are interested in the question of whether they can take an apartment for debt. Here I would like to immediately say that the amount of the debt to be recovered must be compared with the value of the possible for the withdrawal of property. For example, if a citizen has a dollar of 200,000 rubles, and an apartment costs 20,000,000, then there can be no withdrawal of any kind. If the debt is large, then take the property for credit debts can.


1. If this is the only housing of the debtor. If, apart from this apartment or house, the debtor no longer has any residential property, then they cannot take an apartment for debt. Even if the debtor lives in the apartment of his spouse, and in this apartment tenants live. Circumstances have no meaning.

2. If a part of the property belongs to a minor or the child is even simply registered in this housing. The law and the guardianship authorities do not allow situations where the rights of a minor may be infringed, therefore, in such a case, withdrawal of an apartment is impossible even for large debts.

If the property of the debtor does not relate to the legal methods of exclusion, then the arrest is initially imposed on it, and later the decision is made to evict the debtor and to sell the house with a hammer. If the debtor does not voluntarily leave the former home walls, he and his belongings are “evacuated” under compulsion.

The description of the property located in the place of residence of the debtor, rarely resorted. But if this happens, the bailiff establishes the place of residence of the debtor and comes to him, accompanied by witnesses. Here is an inventory of valuable property, arrest is imposed on it. Initially, this is just an arrest, most valuable items themselves often remain in the use of the debtor. If at the time indicated by the bailiff the debt is not repaid, then only this property will be taken away.


We have tried to explain to you what will happen if you do not pay the loan and hope for your prudence. Of course, there are situations when the bailiff cannot determine the place of work of the debtor, does not find his accounts, cannot determine his place of residence. Then, after another unsuccessful search attempt, he sends a document to the recovery bank indicating that it is impossible to collect the debt from the defendant. The bank can only reconcile or re-apply to the bailiff service. In fact, every year banks write off a huge amount of debts that cannot be recovered from debtors.

Combining Loans for Debt Consolidation







How can loan consolidation help to organize loans?

How can loan consolidation help to organize loans?



Loans are now more convenient, for example, online and, as a result, they have become more common among young users. Various quick-ups and other small loans are familiar to many and include users of all ages. Almost everybody already has credit cards, and even though this is not always thought of as a traditional loan, it is still borrowed wealth that has to be paid off. Because the economic situation may change very quickly and you want a certain level of security in your everyday life, you can get a lot of loans for one person. If there are many things going on for different providers, it may be timely to think about combining the loans. The combination of loans is therefore one of the loans that pays off other debts and will concentrate on paying only the installments of this somewhat larger loan. It is also advisable to combine loans if you have been in a relationship where both have separate loans under their own names. Taking one single loan can bring unexpected benefits and save considerable sums of money. Below you will find the biggest benefits of combining loans:

All payments at once


Debt consolidation is first and foremost due to the fact that all loan payments are transferred once, ie there is no need to remember separate loans and their due dates. The more bills and dates there are, the greater the chance of forgetting one of them, so especially low interest rates will rise significantly. When choosing a combination of loans , one can only keep in mind a certain day and handle the payment so far.

New payment plan and terms

Once the original loans have been taken, their payment plan has been made appropriate to the situation. As everyone knows, situations can change quickly and, as a result, combining loans gives you a new payment plan that is right up to the point at which you merge. At the same time, we can compare different options for the loan package, which means that interest rates and expenses can be influenced again. Finding the cheapest package is easy with the help of a loan comparison, which of course contains information on what type of loan is being sought. When loans are combined, you also need to think carefully about the amounts you want to pay back. In order to make sure that these payments are overcome, it is advisable to give yourself realistic goals in paying the loan, because failure means either arriving at a late payment or even taking a new loan, which of course is not worthwhile in this situation. In any case, the monthly installments of a combined loan are in any case smaller than what they would be if the loans were separate.

Interest and expenses



The combination of loans means that, for example, account management costs are no longer paid separately for each loan, but only for this new loan. This alone brings clear savings, especially when it comes to longer-term loans. However, combining consumer credit also affects interest rates, as the applicant has the opportunity to choose the best loan package for him and when there are plenty of bidders in the industry, one can be sure that an affordable option is available. This allows you to save hundreds of euros on the easy way, that is, combine loans – save money!

Debt consolidation thus offers many new opportunities, ranging from new terms and providers to payment plans, interest rates and other expenses. Since the background of earlier loans is usually not examined with particular care and, for example, their terms do not affect the new loan, the loan applicant has almost free hands to decide what is the best way to combine loans and where to choose a new loan provider. Of course, the most convenient way is through the Internet, as there is no need for visits to offices or others. Before combining loans, however, it is advisable to examine the terms of the existing loans, in particular what is said about early repayment of the loan. Some of the borrowers want some compensation because the borrower is not paying any interest and expenses when the loan is suddenly fully repaid. With all loans, this is not necessarily the case, so the terms of your loans must be known so that you will not be able to come up with uncomfortable surprises later.

When you know how much the loan repayment will cost and also consider any extra costs, you can start calculating how much new loan will be taken. In any case, it is not advisable to take the loan too little, it should cover at least the old loans and their expenses. But the loan should not be taken too much, because a useless loan will only bring unnecessary expenses and expenses, which of course will not benefit anyone. You should also consider the MFI or bank from which the loan is taken. If you switch to a completely new offering, the loan you have never taken before is a good way to get some sort of offer with low costs and interest rates. Offerings to new customers may also include an unpaid and interest-free payment period, or, for example, non-interest-free payment months for savings, for those countries where loan repayment is more challenging. They do not need to be used immediately, but they can be kept in case of severe situations.

Often, there are also “combine loans” packages that attract these customers as corporate customers and, given the benefits of combining loans, it is a sensible option. However, it is not worthwhile to do so, but first you have to check and familiarize yourself with the terms of your existing loans and the opportunities for the new loan at the moment, without forgetting your own financial situation and possible changes. Often, however, combining loans is the most sensible option and saves costs at every level.

Can you combine all types of loans?

Can you combine all types of loans?




If more and more expensive loans have been accumulated and the option to “combine loans” has been chosen from a provider, it is good to look at what types of loans you can combine. Here you should consider both the terms of the loan and the size of the loan, as both things can have a big impact on the combination of loans and its profitability. Below you will find instructions on what should be taken into account when loans are combined and what types of loans can be combined.

Amount of loans


So when you choose the ” combine loans ” package, a new loan is taken. This means that the loan is subject to the same criteria as other loans, the applicant must be able to repay it and meet the requirements for the applicants. In the case of many large loans, such as hundreds of thousands of euros, there are already a lot of guarantees required, as well as a high level of income if they were to be combined. In most cases, combining loans is more realistic with slightly smaller loans. These can be worth thousands or tens of thousands of euros, not even smaller ones. Sometimes they may be closer to one hundred thousand euros, but often the maximum amount of loans to be made by the net loan providers is of the order of 50,000 euros, and even more collateral and guarantees are needed than the smaller loans required. If, on the other hand, there are several small loans, which come in the form of a loan of thousands or a few tens of thousands of euros, it will be more sensitive. Almost all small loans can be combined and this, of course, saves both costs and ease of organizing everyday life when dozens of different invoices from different places do not fall on their own day. The loans should only be announced in connection with the loan application, and the applicant who meets the criteria will quickly receive an approved loan decision and money to the account once again with small loans and do not have to think about taking out a new loan effectively and on time back to the issuer.

Loan terms

Loan terms






If you think that combining loans sounds like a good option, the terms and opportunities of the previous loans should be increased. Not all loans may even be combined so that it becomes economically viable, as the terms of some loans may include large payments if the loan is repaid in a way other than the payment plan, and this is not always possible. These loans must therefore be excluded from the merger and, if all the loans have similar terms, the combination is not worthwhile. If, on the other hand, the loans can be repaid at once without additional costs, or so the costs, that is, the payments, are less than the advantage of combining the loans, it is worth combining the loans. Taking these factors into consideration and getting acquainted with the terms of your own loans, you can find out how much of the pooling is useful and at all possible.

Which provider

Which provider



The last thing to consider is who the bidders are willing to lend to the applicant. For example, a bank loan can be obtained very cheaply, but quick loans can be counted as a negative thing, and the loan is not granted because the applicant is thought to belong to a risk group, even if the financial situation is good, the loans would always be repaid on time and the credit data would be found. However, bankint is not the only source where loans can be combined. Another option is to get acquainted with the “connect loans” packages offered on the net by several MFIs. In these, fast-track sweepers are common among users, and often this is not an obstacle to borrowing. Of course, the applicant is required to have certain criteria for obtaining a new loan, but if these are easily met by hundreds of thousands and even tens of thousands of loans. No separate process per se goes through where the loans would be automatically transferred to the bidder or paid out mechanically, but after the loan has been received, the borrower will be able to pay the loans to each tenderer from whom the loans have been taken. Here, too, the loan comparison is the best tool to find the most affordable and suitable option for loan combinations.

When these considerations are taken into account, there will be no problem combining debt. However, the most important thing is to look at the solution as a whole, taking into account the current situation, the terms of the old loans and the terms and conditions of the new loan. Thorough familiarization with the facts always helps, and thus the applicant himself remains in control of the loans. However, there is a risk that the borrower will be enthusiastic about sudden extra money and will end up wasting, or even take out new loans, which of course is not worthwhile. Borrowing is most effective only if there is no additional loan after this loan.

What is needed to apply for loan consolidation?

What is needed to apply for loan consolidation?



In order for the loans to be combined successfully, the applicant must fulfill similar conditions that were also required for other loans. In small loans, the criteria may not be as strict, but in larger amounts, the applicant will be checked more closely. This means that the following things must be fine:

  • Age requirements
  • The financial situation is right
  • No payment defaults, or the possibility of providing collateral, or guarantors
  • Permanently resident in Finland

In addition to these, the conditions may vary between bidders, but when the minimum requirements are met, it is certain that “bundle loans” offer more than one party, so borrowing is almost possible for everyone. Often, in this way, it is also possible to get rid of the debt spiral, which may have been due to numerous smaller and larger loans. The larger the amount involved, the more you will have to pay interest and expenses, but in any case it will be a lower cost than what small individual loans can get.



Credit buyback for senior or retired | Crediliss

 Start the simulation now

 Start the simulation now

For senior citizens and pensioners (senior citizens) it is possible to take out a credit buy-back suitable for senior citizens or to make a loan consolidation, that is to say a consolidation of loans and debts with a possibility if necessary. ‘a share of free cash without justification.

Senior credit buybacks or repurchase of retired credits should not be completed beyond the age of 95 in principle.
Seniors have often retired, while their various credits taken during the working life were not completed.

The purchasing power of the senior retiree is greatly reduced. The repurchase of retired credit gives oxygen to insufficient pensions, undermined by the revolving credits contracted during the period of activity.

  • Repurchase of the balance of the mortgage
  • Repurchase of senior revolving loans
  • Takeover of the senior car loan
  • Restated tax adjustment
  • Taxes, deposit refund
  • Senior consumer loan buyout
  • Family arrangement
  • Family help

Pension income, which is often 50% lower than income from activity, creates an imbalance that is difficult to bear. It is then often necessary to buy a senior credit or a combination of credit incorporating all your old loans, taking into account rates and a duration more suited to your age and your income.

Debt restructuring needs to be done, ie a credit consolidation tailored to seniors to provide a reasonable monthly burden.

The retirement of seniors must become more serene. We must get out of this residual debt, which rots the end of life and decreases the purchasing power. Redeeming credits for retirees to consolidate all your credits into one is a solution to study.



Debt Loan Combination – Profitable Or Not?




Why Combine Loans?

Why Combine Loans?


If you are in a situation where you have to pay a large number of small loans, whose monthly installments start to be too high for your income, then in this situation you should consider combining these loans with one larger loan.

By combining your loan, you will be able to reduce your monthly borrowings to match your earnings, and spend more than just reducing the leverage.

The advantage of a larger loan is, in addition to a smaller monthly payment, generally a much lower interest rate. You can save thousands of euros on an annual basis by paying interest only.

It is advisable to talk with your own bank about loan pooling or to apply for a bigger loan to merge loans online.

Below we have listed the TOP 5 online loan services that offer customers the opportunity to combine loans:

(If you can’t find a place to combine loans on this page, check out our comprehensive loan search )

1. Bank Norwegian

Bank Norwegian is a Norwegian bank that has just entered the Finnish loan market. The bank is one of Norway’s most popular banks, and you can apply for a consolidation loan up to € 60,000 .

Although Bank Norwegian has just settled in Finland, it has already gained popularity among consumers in a short time.

The big reason for the sharp rise in popularity is that the bank offers loans at really low interest rates. Applying for the loan itself is also a quick process and it takes place from the beginning to the end of the home.

If you want to combine your loan, we can warmly recommend Bank Norwegian for this purpose!

Read more about Bank Norwegian

2. MFI

The MFI is a popular lending service that allows you to compete with one free application for the best loan from up to 20 loan providers.

You can apply for a consolidation loan through an MFI of EUR 500-70,000 with a 1-15-year payment period.

Since 2001, MFI has been operating in the loan market, so it is a truly reliable service. It also has the largest cooperation network in Finland at the moment, so you can be sure that you will find the most suitable loan offer with your MFI.

Read More About MFI

3. Freedom Finance

3. Freedom Finance

Like an MFI, Freedom Finance is a lending service. You can apply for credit through Freedom Finance up to € 60,000 with truly flexible payment times.

Freedom Finance has almost as many partners as MFIs, and its list also includes the traditional Danske Bank .

Applying for a loan Freedom Through Finance, you are always free to get and borrow money from various banks in your email, even during the same day of filing an application.

Read More About Freedom Finance

4. Complete Bank

4. Complete Bank

Komplett Bank is a relatively new loan service on the Finnish loan market and its loan product is Flex Loan up to EUR 50,000 .

Complex Bank differs from other loan combining services so that its loan has no fixed repayment period.

So you can, for example, pay only the interest on the loan every month. The nominal interest rate on the loan is only 4.99%!

Read more about Komplett Bank

5. Lendo

5. Lendo


Lendo is a really well-known loan service in Finland, which makes it possible to get a loan for a loan very quickly and easily.

You can apply for a loan through Lendo for 500-50,000 euros and you can get a very flexible payment period up to 15 years!

Applying for a loan is free and will not bind you. With one application, you will receive several loan offers that you can choose the one that suits you best.




Consider These When Considering Combining Loans


If you are in a situation where you have to consider combining loans and wanting to get rid of your debts, then before making this decision, you should make another decision that you will no longer borrow more loans after you combine the loans before you survive the former debts.

If you continue to take small loans after combining your loans, you’ll soon find yourself in the same thread as before

Complete your financial situation comprehensively before combining loans, taking into account all your expenses and income so that you can make the most of your situation.

Remember that combining loans does not eliminate the problem but makes it much easier to survive.

Where Can I Get Credit For Combining Loans?

Where Can I Get Credit For Combining Loans?


On this site, you can find a loan search from our section for comparisons of nearly 100 loan services. Compare places and find the right solution for your situation.

Since you are combining loans, you will probably need a slightly larger loan.

The above mentioned Bank Norwegian , Freedom Funding and Lendo offer loans up to 70.000 euros and these services also offer a customized service for loan consolidation. We therefore recommend starting a comparison with these loan providers.

Read also: Loan 100-60,000 Euros – Make a free loan comparison

You should also look at foreign loan services . Also through these, it is possible to combine loans sometimes at a really low cost.

Loan Combination in Stone Banking


Combining loans is now the easiest way to get through the net, but you can also negotiate a combination loan with your own bank.

If you succeed here, usually you borrowed interest rates lower than a net loan, but reciprocally the larger loans usually require some kind of guarantee or collateral.

When applying for a bank loan , you also have to visit the bank very often to get a loan.

However, due to increased competition, online borrowed loans are no longer very expensive compared to those of stake banks. For example, Komplett Bank offers a nominal interest rate of 4.99% on its loan.

Linking Loans to Mortgage


This is a question we are often asked about. Unfortunately, however, we cannot give a direct and always correct answer.

Combining loans with a mortgage always depends on your bank and what kind of financial situation you have.

At the moment, the feeling is (2018) that this is not at all very easy. Even a few years ago, banks also admitted such loans with an open hand, but the recent difficult economic situation has put the money into tighter banks.

However, you should inquire about your own bank for a secure answer.

Other Means To Shorten Loans



If you have several small slips or consumer credits on your account, then before applying for a new loan , consider other ways to shorten them before resorting to a new loan.

When you get even a few small slices out at once, your monthly batch will be reduced to the currently tolerable level.

Consider, for example, selling extra property . For example, in you can easily trade with some kind of stuff. The traditional flea market is always a good option.

If you own a car and it is not a necessary tool for you, then consider selling it. You can easily get a new car when your economic situation is better.

Combining loans is a must. However, it often requires a change in one’s own consumption habits and more economic planning.

If you are ready for this, combining loans will give you a good way to a debt-free life.

Share Us Your Experience of Combination Loans

Share Us Your Experience of Combination Loans


Have you applied for a consolidation loan and how did you succeed? Did you manage to save money by combining your loans?

Did you combine all the expensive quickcuts under one more reasonable whole and how much you saved on a monthly basis?

Have you combined a loan from someone on this site through the service mentioned and what kind of experience do you have about it?

Tell us and other people about your experience of combining loans by commenting below.