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For senior citizens and pensioners (senior citizens) it is possible to take out a credit buy-back suitable for senior citizens or to make a loan consolidation, that is to say a consolidation of loans and debts with a possibility if necessary. ‘a share of free cash without justification.

Senior credit buybacks or repurchase of retired credits should not be completed beyond the age of 95 in principle.
Seniors have often retired, while their various credits taken during the working life were not completed.

The purchasing power of the senior retiree is greatly reduced. The repurchase of retired credit gives oxygen to insufficient pensions, undermined by the revolving credits contracted during the period of activity.

  • Repurchase of the balance of the mortgage
  • Repurchase of senior revolving loans
  • Takeover of the senior car loan
  • Restated tax adjustment
  • Taxes, deposit refund
  • Senior consumer loan buyout
  • Family arrangement
  • Family help

Pension income, which is often 50% lower than income from activity, creates an imbalance that is difficult to bear. It is then often necessary to buy a senior credit or a combination of credit incorporating all your old loans, taking into account rates and a duration more suited to your age and your income.

Debt restructuring needs to be done, ie a credit consolidation tailored to seniors to provide a reasonable monthly burden.

The retirement of seniors must become more serene. We must get out of this residual debt, which rots the end of life and decreases the purchasing power. Redeeming credits for retirees to consolidate all your credits into one is a solution to study.



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