Bloomington City Council to ban local pet stores from selling dogs and cats


Bloomington City Council on Wednesday voted to ban the sale of cats and dogs in local pet stores. The order would fine each store of $ 500 per violation and take effect Jan. 1, 2023, to allow local pet stores to adapt to the change.

Council members also finalized a “Sister City” relationship with the city of Palo Alto, California.

Restrictions on animal facilities

First introduced at a board meeting on November 17, this ordinance is co-sponsored by board members Susan Sandberg, Isabel Piedmont-Smith and Dave Rollo and attempts to reduce the demand for dogs and cats from factories in puppies or kittens, according to council documents. The order passed 8-0.

These puppy and kitten mills often ignore the needs of parent animals and their offspring in order to maximize production volume and subsequent profits, said Samantha Morton, Indiana State Director at the Humane Society of the States. United, in the council of November 17. Meet.

“The regulations we currently have are insufficient to address these issues,” Piedmont-Smith said. “There is no verification of the human conditions of breeding. “

Morton said this legislation is especially important now because the Humane Society has evidence to suggest that pet stores selling puppies and kittens are opening just east of the Illinois-Indiana border following similar ban laws passed. in Illinois.

“We believe there will be even more stores entering the state of Indiana,” Morton said.

Sandberg acknowledged the setback the council has received from members of the public. She argued, however, that they have heard more from their constituents supporting the initiative and voicing their concerns about these factories.

“This has been a concern of the community for a number of years,” Sandberg said. “A lot of people are urging us to move this forward.”

The first domestic fraternal city relationship

Council members unanimously approved the proposed “Sister Cities” agreement between Bloomington and the city of Palo Alto, California, essentially finalizing the partnership between the two cities. Mayor John Hamilton’s administration announced its intention to strike the deal at a conference on November 9.

Sibling Cities USA is a national, non-profit organization that aims to bridge the gap between cities in different parts of the country to help reduce polarization in contemporary social and political spheres.

“The idea is really to help rebuild our country,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said there was uncertainty over the success of this new national deal going forward. He said the city planned to write a report for city councils to review annually.

Although regionally different, Bloomington and Palo Alto are two metropolitan cities that contain major research universities with Stanford University located just outside Palo Alto. Many board members embraced these differences, hoping they might inform future legislation and board initiatives.

“I am delighted that our two cities are leading the way in what we hope will become a national program that would encourage more and more cities to forge these relationships,” Palo Alto Mayor Tom DuBois said at the meeting.


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