Borderland’s Best Pets; share your animal videos


EL PASO, Texas — Bo is TikTok famous for his basketball skills and sound effects, he even gets views and just likes to hang out. He is always looking to play.

He will appear and want to accompany you in the car, but every time he sees a ball he will go crazy and want to play with it. He is rumored to be training as a replacement for Tom Cruise in the upcoming Top Gun.

Millie – she doesn’t have a theme song – or a real talent that hasn’t been discovered yet, but she loves the garden hose! Diego isn’t known for his tricks – he’s known for playing tricks! Like stealing food off the counter! And this time, the cats also do the weirdest things…like Sienna Rose, who spends her time baking bread…and playing hide and seek with her pooch sister Carolina Belle.

They have what I call a very close relationship.

Lolo wears a scarf around the house – her mother says she must think it’s an animal! Maybe she wants her mom to adopt another kitten to play the Humane Society Telethon with!

Little Jojo had a busy weekend – helping his dad propose! Of course, she said yes! The little Aspen here is new to the world.

We don’t know what special skills she’ll have…but right now her superpower is taking a nap. We want to see your funny pets and the adorable ways they say I love you. send them to us.

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We hope these videos will inspire you to adopt a pet.

The perfect place to pick up your new pet is the El Paso Humane Society Shelter.

Our annual telethon will take place this Saturday August 6th.

We will introduce pets for adoption and we will also raise funds to help the Humane Society care for animals in their shelters.

The telethon will air from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday, here on ABC-7.


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