Clean up the shelters with the Blue Mountain Humane Society | Clear Shelters


WALLA WALLA, Washington-

Animal shelters across the United States are participating in empty the shelters for the month of August to help animals find homes.

“We strongly believe that every animal deserves a loving home and that is what we are here to facilitate.” CEO of Blue Mountain Humane Society said Amanda Wernert.

Blue Mountain Humane Society is reducing adoption fees to fifteen dollars during the month of August for adult dogs and cats.

“We’ll be happy to lower those adoption fees to make sure they can get into good homes and we’ve already started to see that happen.” Wernet said.

The dog owners returned on Sunday to show staff how the dog they adopted five months ago is doing.

Pet owner Krysten Campbell said: “We had to choose from a few dogs and he was actually the first one we picked and it was instant, we fell in love with him instantly…”

According to Wernert, part of the push to get pets adopted this month is overcoming the stigma that animals in a shelter have something wrong with them.

Getting a pet from the Blue Mountain Humane Society may be easier than getting one from a breeder since all animals are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered or neutered.

“You’re saving a life and you’re really not just saving one life, you’re saving two lives because you’re getting a wonderful companion for your family and you’re opening up space here for another animal to come in and start looking for their forever home. “, Wernert said. .

If you can’t adopt an animal, volunteering your time or money can help the shelter find a home for the pets. You can apply to volunteer or adopt a pet online at


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