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They offer you unconditional love, don’t your animals deserve the best? By shopping wisely, you can treat your pets and ensure that your purchases – from the bed to the toys you give them – don’t harm the environment or your furry friends. When looking for eco-friendly toys and pet products, think about those companies that use renewable or recycled materials in their products.

Simply Fido

Simply Fido produces its toys using recycled polyester and all-natural cotton, which is grown without the use of harmful pesticides. Plus, by using non-toxic, low-impact dyes, their toys’ dyeing process uses less water and produces less contamination. Offering eco-friendly plush, rope and rubber dog toys, and cat scratching posts, Simply Fido offers a wide variety of pet-friendly options. Have a standoff with your dog and enjoy the sunny afternoon naturally.

West paw

Committed to producing sustainable and quality dog ​​products, West paw aims to use the most sustainable practices available. From the start of the manufacturing process, including the most environmentally friendly materials – To reuse materials from returned toys, West Paw takes care to make natural products. Discover their recyclables flexible discs and pet beds made from recycled plastic bottles.


With products for dogs and cats, olive aims to protect the planet as well as the quality and safety of your pets. The company reduces the environmental impact of shipping its products by using recycled boxes and packaging of biodegradable peanuts. Olive products are made from environmentally friendly materials and are adorable. Olive also works with partners and suppliers who share the same quality goals combined with global stewardship.

Honest Pet Products

Honest Pet Products“The“ Guarantee Never ”is a commitment that none of their products contain hazardous materials, including pesticides, glues and fillers based on plastic or PVC. Their products are made in a sustainable manner. The company offers two additional services. First, during his Buyout of toxic toys (offered four times a year), Honest Pet Products offers store credit if you trade in toxic pet toys to dispose of and replace with clean, eco-friendly toys. Second, a portion of each purchase is used for support animal shelters.

Funny fur

Although it is not a specific brand, Funny fur is an online store that offers a wide selection of toys and eco-friendly products for pets. It’s a great place to pick up all of your eco-friendly pet options.

What toys does your dog or cat love that are also good for the planet? Share your favorites!


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