Ending the Pet Store Puppy Mill Pipeline [letter] | Letters to the Editor


The Humane Society of the United States has released its 10th annual Horrible Hundred Report on problematic puppy mills. Once again, a Lancaster County kennel is on the list.

Problems encountered at Pennsylvania puppy mills include injured dogs, dirty, overcrowded conditions, and dogs confined to small, rusty and broken pens. A Pennsylvania kennel has been included in the report for five years. But as bad as the problem with puppy mills in Pennsylvania is, at least we have a kennel inspection program to help uncover problems. However, some retail pet stores in Pennsylvania sell dogs from puppy mills, including dogs from states with no kennel inspection policies. Pennsylvania needs to stop importing puppy mill dogs for retail sale in pet stores when we already have enough puppy mill problems — and homeless dogs for adoption — in our state.

It’s time for Pennsylvania to join Maryland, Illinois and several other states in ending the sale of puppies to pet stores. We must urge lawmakers to protect consumers and animals from the cruel puppy mill by supporting Victoria’s law (House Bill 1299/Senate Bill 234).

Michele Patterson

Township of West Hempfield


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