Explore HE-B’s Healthy Pet Essentials



HE-B Purchasing Manager Madison Wallender shares some essentials for a healthy pet.

What do i need to keep my pet healthy?

HEB offers an assortment of products for pets. We have quality food for your dogs and cats to provide them with a nutritionally balanced diet.

When you are looking for products to meet your pet’s health needs, we have something for everyone. We now have two more lines of Heritage Ranch dog and cat food which offer higher protein options as well as diet solutions for skin, digestion and weight management. Beyond pet food, we have a huge selection of toys, pet accessories, grooming products, and even flea and tick prevention.

If you are a new pet owner, what do you need?

As a new pet owner, key supplies you can find at your local HEB include pet bowls, collars and leashes, food, treats, and even toys.

Walking or playing with your pet is a great way to interact and exercise. Our collection of weft and mustaches dog toys and clothes change seasonally and are a treat for your four-legged friend.

HEB has locations throughout Austin and central Texas. To find a store near you and for more information, visit HEB.com.

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