Free pet adoption at the Jacksonville Humane Society



More than 100 animals from the Jacksonville Humane Society have been adopted, helping the society to put animals into homes and bring others to the shelter.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla .– During Black Friday weekend, the Humane Society waived adoption fees for pets at their shelters.

“Actually there was a couple left and we ended up picking up one, an adorable little kitten named Tusan,” said Adam Suka, a new pet owner.

People like Suka have chosen to research pets at the Jacksonville Humane Society to support the society’s work to help abandoned animals.

“It’s for a good cause that I really appreciate the work they do here and it saves you a lot of money,” said Suka.

From Friday to Sunday, adoption fees were waived for future pet owners looking for their next companion.

Company executives saw 116 adoptions on Sunday morning and events like this help bring pets into homes and allow the shelter to accommodate more animals.

“During the holiday season we are packed. Our kennels are completely full, we are at the last end of the kitten season,” said Lisa Creveling, Marketing Communications Manager.

“So we are crowded and want to put pets in houses for the holidays. And we are very grateful to our community because every time they come and adopt it allows us to open a kennel for another pet from. deserving company, ”said Creveling. .



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