Global Pet Foods: Best Pet Store and Community Support



“A huge thank you to Cochrane,” said Sharman. “Our team really appreciates you and that just reiterates how amazing we have a community.”

Dynamic mother-daughter duo, Fiona and Christine Sharman have been the proud owners of Global Pet Foods stores since 2012.

Global Pet Foods won its first Best of Cochrane bronze award in 2013 and the company continued on a winning streak for many years.

This year, Global Pet Foods received two awards: Gold for Best Pet Store and Silver for Best Community Support.

“A huge thank you to Cochrane,” said Sharman. “Our team really appreciates you and that just reiterates how amazing we have a community.”

Growing up in Bragg Creek, Sharman attended Springbank School and is no stranger to a feeling of a tight-knit community. She praised the close ties to the community in Cochrane, explaining that the town seems to come full circle for someone who grew up in Bragg Creek. Sharman said she sees many clients on a daily basis outside of working hours.

Cochrane continues to grow and she credits the community for the store’s continued success.

“Whether it’s in the grocery store or the drugstore or just in traffic, there’s that camaraderie and that feeling of supporting you,” she said. “All the people who shop here and have become friends with over the past ten years, I really feel like they are friends.”

Before COVID, Global Pet Foods held an annual sale, but the event was canceled due to public health restrictions. Sharman always wanted to give back to the community in any way he could.

“I collected about $ 1000 from different gift cards from different companies here in town and made two $ 500 gift baskets to give away, then I continued and Marni Fedeyko got involved with me as well. , so we were doing it on one each week giving out $ 100-200 in gift cards or prizes, “Sharman said.” It’s because of the loyalty of the repeat customers that I can do extra things for Cochrane.

Global Pet Foods also supports the Cochrane and Area Humane Society and works extensively with the nonprofit organization.

The store has a wide range of pet food and accessories to welcome the furry friends of Cochranites. Sharman said it is thanks to his incredible staff and extensive product knowledge that the strong customer base continues.

“We have an amazing team,” she said. “I haven’t had a lot of staff turnover, they’ve been with me for several years.

Sharman added that his staff has become like family and believes the recognition and appreciation goes a long way in sustaining the store during a difficult time.

Living with COVID has proven to be a difficult adversity to overcome in the community, she said, but she is hopeful that acting with kindness and compassion can continue to prevail in Cochrane.

“We’ve done everything we can to make it a consistently safe shopping experience and to respect people’s opinions on COVID,” Sharman said.



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