Hocus Pocus-themed pet toys are currently on the Chewy site


If there’s one thing we can count on every fall, it’s that Hocus Pocus will be on TV in one form or another. And with the sequel finally dropping this year, we’re all about the Hocus Pocus life!

Over the past few years, Chewy.com has offered a variety of Halloween-themed toys, including Hocus Pocus toys for dogs and cats. And while they usually sell out pretty quickly, we were browsing the Chewy Halloween store and came across several collections featuring the iconic Sanderson Sisters.

Not only is there a set of three catnip-filled plush cat toys in the shape of Sandersons and a set of three Hocus Pocus cat toys that includes a Binx plush, but there are also different sets for dogs. And yes, they are actually available now (at the time of publication)!

So what can our puppies play with this fall and Halloween season?

Hocus Pocus themed toys are on the Chewy website

Want a rope chew toy for your dog? They have this in the form of the Sanderson sisters stealing their magical cleaning supplies (broom, mop, and vacuum if you forgot). Want a plush squeaky toy? They also have some in the form of the three iconic witches.

Seriously, there are so many amazing toys and products featuring Hocus Pocus pictures this fall. And to see a number of these goodies still available on Chewy’s website, we’re ready to add to cart! We may have missed the magic of the Sanderson sisters for our staff pup last year, but we won’t miss it this time around.

But we want to know what you think! Are you excited for Hocus Pocus season? Will you spoil your fuzzy friends with one of these toys? Let us know in the comments below.


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