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MOULTRIE, Ga. – The Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society is seeking a new executive director after Drew Durham left his post.

About two and a half years ago, the MCCHS Board of Directors was disbanded. The Colquitt County Board of Commissioners and Moultrie City Council appointed seven community leaders to serve on the council and rebuild the shelter.

Hiring Drew Durham as executive director was one of their first tasks completed.

August 31 was Durham’s last official day, according to MCCHS board Maureen Yearta.

“He helped us a lot at the beginning and he helped us in many operations. He was our first step up the ladder. We still have a long way to go, but he certainly helped establish what we did,” she said in an interview on Wednesday.

Yearta acknowledged the emotional drain the position can cause.

“It’s like emotional exhaustion,” she said. “You’re dealing with all these animals and you can’t help them all. He gave his time to look elsewhere, so we accepted his resignation. We are now trying to find a new executive director.

MCCHS has made several changes and updates to the facility since the new board was appointed and Durham hired. Some updates include new trim and canopies on the building, painting, landscaping, resurfacing the parking lot, adding new office furniture, placing the dumpster on a concrete surface, and l installation of a new security camera system.

The next update to the facilities is the resurfacing of the kennel floors.

“We have made considerable gains [improvements]. They didn’t all happen overnight,” she said.

The next priorities for the MCCHS Board of Directors are operations and budget, which the CEO will primarily manage.

“Now we’re looking at operations and trying to put people in place who can really deliver an effective and efficient Humane Society,” Yearta said. “We are looking for someone who has really good business sense. It’s more than just loving animals. We have the staff who can love them and care for them. We need someone who can run this like a business.

The candidate must be able to develop a budget, complete payroll schedules, speak to the public and give presentations. They must also manage staff and delegate responsibilities.

“We’re not looking for someone who works with animals,” she continued. “We are looking for someone who can work with staff and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, who can run the business and deal with donors and that can take a lot of support from the community. community.

Application letter and resume can be sent to Dr. Maureen A. Yearta, Chair, MCCHS Board of Directors, PO Box 2915, Moultrie, GA 31776. Two applications have already been submitted.

The Humane Society is developing a management contract with the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society. The contract will allow TTCHS Executive Director Chandler Giddes to assist with MCCHS operations until the new Director is selected and begins work.

It will not be finalized until the TTCHS Board of Directors meets and makes a decision.

Currently, the MCCHS has reached capacity with approximately 130 dogs and 30 cats, including kittens. He lost his “No-Kill” status earlier this year, according to Yearta.

A “No-Kill” status means that no more than 10% of animals admitted to the facility are euthanized.

“I know that no animal has been euthanized without careful and deliberate examination,” she said.

MCCHS strives to adopt their pets, posting pictures of pets on Facebook, sharing their profiles on PetPoint, taking them to PetSense, hosting adoption events and providing transportation to give pets a chance of being adopted.

They are working on implementing a new protocol for deciding which animals are put on the euthanasia list.

“We established five criteria: how long they have been in the shelter, if they are aggressive, if they have heartworm and how old they are. The last is that the overall health is low [or] the various health issues,” she explained.

Animals must meet four of the five categories to be added to the list, and at least three of the seven staff members must agree on the decision.

Community members can help MCCHS by attending the upcoming Clays for Strays fundraiser, adopting a pet, or donating to the drop box located outside the facility. Wet or dry dog ​​and cat food and cleaning supplies are always needed.

Pet adoption fees will be waived for all Saturdays in September this year.

Current members of the MCCHS Board of Directors are President Maureen Yearta, Vice President Steve Weber and Katie Jenkins, Jim Matney, Jon Schwalls, Johnny Hardin and Rich Gallagher.

They meet every third Monday at noon in the Friedlander Boardroom at Colquitt Regional Medical Center. Meetings are open to the public.

The next scheduled meeting is Monday, September 19.

Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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