Judge denies returning animals to pet store owner Pitter Patter


RAPID CITY SD – Update on the legal proceedings of Marinda Parks, accused of not taking care of animals in her pet store. CRIME DETAILS

November 16

A Rapid City judge refused to return animals to the owner of a pet store raided by authorities in August.

Marinda Parks, 38, of Rapid City was in court on Friday. Parks is charged with 55 counts related to the inhumane treatment of animals. Authorities seized about 90 animals from his unopened store, Pitter Patter Pet Store, after an anonymous tip from the community.

On Friday, his lawyer requested the return of his personal dog and several other animals not subject to the charges.

Currently, she pays $30 a day to have the animals seized at the Humane Society of the Black Hills. Tim Rensch, Park’s attorney, said the charges were over $70,000 and were starting to take their toll.

The state argues that all of the animals allegedly lived in unsanitary conditions and are evidence in the current case.

Parks is due back in court on Dec. 27.


City Reduces Charges Against Pitter Patter Pet Store

October 2

The City of Rapid City has significantly reduced the number of abuse charges in its case against the owner of a pet store that was raided by authorities in August.

Marinda Parks initially faced more than 200 charges after authorities seized pets and dead animals from her yet to open store on Mount Rushmore Road. Investigators seized animals from the unopened store in August after tips from the public.

The city now charges him with 55 counts, including inhumane treatment and breaches of care and treatment.

Parks pleaded not guilty to the charges.


Charges laid against pet store owner Pitter Patter

September 5

Charges have been laid against the owner of the Pitter Patter pet store, where more than 100 animals were seized by animal control.

Marina Parks, 38, of Rapid City faces 102 counts of violation of animal care and treatment, 102 counts of inhumane treatment of an animal and one count of violation of maintenance of premises where animals are kept. Each count carries a potential fine of $100 plus $62.50 for court costs for each count. The parks could also face jail time. Each count could result in 30 days in jail, or both the fine and imprisonment.

Parks is the owner of the Pitter Patter Pet Store on Mount Rushmore Road which had not yet opened when authorities seized the animals and found 36 dead animals.

Rapid City animal services and enforcement did not specify what types of animals died. They confirm that some were fish and others other species, but they will not give further details during the investigation.


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