Linn County woman charged with gross negligence in animals released from jail



LINN COUNTY, Oregon – A Linn County owner accused of animal neglect has been released from jail.


Lynette McConnell was charged with 19 counts of second degree animal neglect, a Class C felony, after authorities said she found 14 dead animals on her property and several others in poor condition.

Oregon Assistant District Attorney Jake Kamins, who is the lead prosecutor in the case, said that from a legal standpoint, the crimes carry a maximum of five years in prison. Earlier charges also play a role in how long McConnell could spend in jail if convicted, he added.

In 2017, she was convicted of attempted first-degree assault constituting domestic violence, Kamins said.

“I have sued or assisted-sued in the majority of counties in Oregon and for me one abused or neglected animal is too much. This is a case that I will pursue to the best of my ability,” Kamins said.

McConnell’s next scheduled hearing is November 22.

As for the four cows and two dogs still alive, they are in shelters and with foster families who have experience caring for neglected animals. The two dogs are at the Linn County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Facility.

What makes this case particularly sad and preventable is the fact that there are agencies and programs to help provide food and supplies to prevent starvation and neglect from occurring in the first place.

Sara Girres of the SafeHaven Humane Society told KEZI that they are working to prevent these kinds of tragedies with their pet pantry program.

“The program basically provides pet food to anyone in need; we have dates and times when people can pick them up from us and hopefully make sure the animals are fed and stay at home with their owners, ”Girres said.

You can go to their website to find out more.



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