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Just five years ago Laura Shaw, 36, was homeless, self-harming and drowning in £4,000 debt. Fast forward to today and she has paid off her debt through her side hustle where she works two extra hours a week on top of her full time job.

Laura explained: “I was homeless, self-harming and in an abusive relationship after my divorce, so I was desperate to regain the trust that had been lost during this time.

“My Avon business has given me the motivation to believe in myself and succeed – whether it’s meeting new people, learning new skills, or having a constant support group around me – I finally have the feel like I’m living my life again.”

“I have been running my business for three and a half years now.

“For the first two years I made up to £800 a month.”

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Laura is keen to dispel the myth that selling Avon products is only for the elderly.

The mum explained: “I really want to break the stereotype that Avon reps are usually older women knocking on everyone’s door – that’s such an outdated opinion!

“I have some customers who prefer to shop with me face-to-face with a printed brochure, but I also have many who prefer an online experience, shopping through my unique store link or digital brochure. .

“The best advice I would give is to give it a shot.

“People may think you have to run a certain amount of sales to earn anything, but that’s just not true – you earn on your first £1 of sales!

“If you only have five minutes a day, then that’s fine. With bills rising, now is the time to do it!


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