Nordstrom dog and cat toys: Nordstrom now has pet toys, beds and sweaters



Of course, it always feels good to give a gift to someone you love, whether it’s a partner, relative, or best friend. But isn’t there something even better about giving something special to your pet? From the wagging tail or the purr, you know a new treat or toy can be a thrill.

Fortunately, Nordström has now given pet gifts (and the people who love them) easier than ever, with a brand new pop-up pet store offering everything from beds and toys to collars and sweaters. And since it’s Nordstrom, of course, the choices are extremely stylish. Think cheeky hoodies with mottos like “Table Scraps” and collars encrusted with faux pearls.

The only real downside here is that this pet section won’t be around forever, because it’s is scheduled to close on April 5. So if you think your dog or cat needs some pampering very soon, check out our favorite items from Nordstrom’s New Pet Section below.

Rubber Dipped Dog Socks ($34.99;

You can keep paws dry, clean, and warm with these rubber-dipped socks that come in some pretty chic patterns and colors like cheetah print and hot pink.

The Foggy Dog Navy Rope Dog Leash ($59;

Give your dog’s leash a serious upgrade with this braided nylon option, complete with marine-grade gold hardware.

Lovethybeast Colorblock Hooded Dog Parka ($64;

Since you’re all bundled up in your coziest coats this time of year, why shouldn’t your pet be too?

Lick Cross Barkling Water Dog Toy ($15.95;

If you have a passion for seltzer water, this Barking Lick Cross Water Can (get it?) is sure to be a joy.

Metallic Quilted Vest ($54;

Whether it’s a Chihuahua or Pit Bull mix, your pup will appreciate this puffy coat in metallic silver or dark purple.

Wild & Woofy Kitten Starter Kit ($18;

If you’re a new cat mom or dad, or just want to give your cat an upgrade, this kit comes with a new food bowl, toys, and collar.

Rainbow tie-dye cotton bandana (from $18;

Bandanas are some of the easiest ways to jazz up your dog’s look in a pinch.

Collapsible Cat/Dog Bowl ($36;

If your dog or cat is your best (and most regular) travel companion, this collapsible bowl will save your life.

Sriracha Wool Dog Toy ($16;

Do you consider yourself a hot sauce connoisseur? Is “Hot Ones” your favorite show right now? Then check out this knitted hot sauce bottle that will brighten up puppy playtime.

Saucer Poop Bag Holder ($19.80;

It’s hard to make a poop bag holder chic, but this one pulls it off.

Rainbow Pom Knit Dog Sweater ($48;

This casual sweater will make your dog the most stylish in the park. If only he was on a human scale…

Georgie Paws Dog Tent ($48;

Whether you have a shy cat or an anxious dog during storms, make this stylish tent a haven.

Wild & Woofy Dog Bath Set ($20;

Bath time can be tough, but this kit has everything you need to make it something to look forward to, including a soft brush, shampoo and drying towel with hand pockets for easy use .

Tommy & Bella Leather Cat Collar ($55;

If you have an outdoor cat or a cat that you’re convinced has a stylish side, this leather collar with 24k gold plated accents is available in trendy collars like sky blue, red and even pink powder. It can most definitely be worn by smaller dogs too.

Bella Pet Cave (from $50;

Some pet tents can completely disrupt the mood of your room. If you love aesthetics, you can’t get any sleeker than this cone-shaped pet cave.

Human Behavior Expert Dog Hoodie ($45;

Keep your best friend toasty warm in this soft yet humorous hoodie.

Dog Behavior Expert Hoodie (from $80;

If you live to match your dog, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Casper dog bed (from $125;

Designed by the team behind the internet famous Casper mattress, it’s the perfect gift for your friend if you think they deserve the same comfort as you.

Imitation Pearl Leather Dog Collar ($39;

Audrey Hepburn, who? Put your dog (or cat) in one of these and he’ll instantly exude elegance.

Table Scraps Dog Hoodie ($40;

For the dog who shamelessly wants to eat whatever you leave on your plate.

Dooty Free Thank You Dog Bags ($12;

Inspired by those familiar take-out food bags, this 120 pack will make your walks a little more fun.

Note: The prices above reflect the price quoted by the retailer at the time of publication.


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