November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month



CASPER, Wyoming (Wyoming News Now) – November is National Senior Pet Adoption Month and the Casper Humane Society is reminding residents of how special senior pets can be in someone’s life .

“We see a lot of older pets. Unfortunately, many older pets come to us because their owners have passed away or have gone to assisted living facilities where they can no longer have their pets, but we see a lot of older pets coming in ”, said Craig Cummings, the director. of the Casper Humane Society.

The Casper Humane Society considers any animal five years of age or older to be an elderly person. Cummings says senior pets get overlooked at times, but there are definitely some benefits to adopting a senior cat or dog. Although older pets come to the shelter with a story, they still have a lot to offer a home. These animals are generally more socialized, have experience in a household and some level of training. Cummings says one of the biggest benefits of adopting a senior is that she seems to be a lot more grateful.

“They need to have homes and deserve to have homes like the younger ones and it can be very rewarding to have them in your home even if it’s for a shorter period of time,” Cummings said.

Cumming says if you’re interested in adopting a senior, be sure to spend some time with the animal first to get to know each other. Casper Humane Society senior cats and dogs have the lowest adoption fees.

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