Pop Culture Pet Toys: Disney Chews Collection

Pixar Holiday Alien Plush Cat Toys | Source: Chewy

The holidays just aren’t the same without your favorite four-legged friend snuggling up to your leg by an open fire. So why not treat them to some festive fun? Chewy and Disney have added to their ongoing partnership a collection of holiday-themed pet toys featuring characters from Disney, Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel.

For the smartest furry friends, there’s a Mickey and Minnie gingerbread house hide-and-seek puzzle. The toy comes with a gingerbread house and three small plush toys of Mickey, Minnie and a Mickey Mouse head, all designed to look like gingerbread.

Some of the Disney Vacation Dog Toys Available at Chewy | Source: Chewy/the pop insider

There are also other festive plush toys for the Disney-loving pup in this collection, including Buzz Lightyear holding a candy cane and a five-pack of gingerbread Avengers!

This Disney vacation collection also features a selection of toys for cat lovers. The Pixar Holiday plush alien cat toy comes with three Pizza Planet aliens wielding candy canes that are stuffed with catnip. The fabric of the three aliens is tough enough to withstand most cat scratches, and there’s crinkle paper inside the 5-inch toys to add another layer of excitement for the cats.

Discover more of Chewy’s Disney Holiday collection – and the largest Disney x Chewy collection – exclusively on chewy.com.


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