Product Features To Consider When Storing Pet Toys Tendencies


Pet owners are looking for cat and dog toys that meet a variety of wants and needs for both pet and owner, durability, shelf appeal, and pet attractiveness. all being essential.

“Most pet parents place great importance on the durability and appeal of a toy to play with so they can be sure it will be used,” said Sarah Johnson, Account Manager for PLAY (Pet Lifestyle And You), a resident of San Francisco. based manufacturer of toys and pet beds. “It’s important that they get value for their money while meeting their pet’s play needs. At PLAY, we keep these factors in mind throughout our design process for all of our toys. variety of elements such as different sounds, textures and other features of our plush toys to keep dogs wanting more. We also build them in a way that adds to their overall durability, while keeping in mind the factor of cuteness to attract pet parents to style. “

PLAY showcased three new toy collections at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida in February. ZoomieRex toys, made in the USA, can float, fly and bounce. The Barking Brunch Plush Toy Collection features five fun food-themed toys, including an Egg Benedict, Chicken and Waffles, Bloody Mary, Croissant, and Avocado Toast. The company’s new Party Time plush toy collection includes party-themed toys including a balloon, party wreath, gift that opens to reveal a bone-shaped toy on a rope, an unfolding party horn and a cake to separate. Both plush toy collections include fun features like squeaks and crumpled sounds.

Dan Lavallee, director of Pet World, a retailer in Natick, Mass., Said there’s no doubt pet owners want toys that will promote playtime. But Lavallee said dog and cat owners are also prioritizing safety more than ever.

“Given the coronavirus and the current mentality, everyone thinks about safety first,” he said, adding that for this reason toys made in the United States – a characteristic often associated with quality – are particularly attractive to many consumers.

In general, the quality of pet toys continues to improve as the expectations of pet owners increase. Brittany Toth, marketing and product manager for Royal Pet, a manufacturer based in South St. Paul, Minnesota, said the company carefully scrutinized the quality of its toys.

“If the product doesn’t live up to our expectations, we don’t approve of it,” she said. “We treat each of our products as if we were giving it to our own pet. With pets increasingly seen as children, these expectations are rising and we are fully committed to bringing to market high quality, brilliantly designed products that go beyond the norm. “

Dogs vs. cats

Ultimately, all owners want their beloved pets to be happy, and this is a factor in whether they make a toy purchase for Fido or Whiskers.

“Whether it’s a cat or dog toy, all pet parents are looking to engage with their pet better,” said Kim McCohan, Happiness Manager at Bend Pet Express, which has two stores. in Bend, Oregon. “When they are looking for toys, they are looking for something that will increase their bond with their animal by finding a toy that their animal will like.”

Even so, there can be variation in what dog and cat owners are looking for.

Kurt Avar, director of marketing and creative services at Cosmic Pet, a maker of pet toys in Wichita, Kan., Said cat owners are looking for toys that engage cats using electronic features, from l catnip, scratchers and interactivity.

“Because cats are often left alone at home, cat owners feel the need to make up for this time and supplement with toys and interactions, making them great solutions to catnip and catnip. the silver vine, ”Avar added. “Other interactive toys like magic wands are great for bonding with your cat and are an additional way to increase energy expenditure to help maintain weight.”

Kris Kaiser, Marketing Specialist for DuckyWorld Products in Roseville, Minnesota, the creator of Yeowww! Catnip Products, said catnip toys are extremely popular for cats because owners see an immediate response. But pet owners also want a safe toy that is good value for money and that their cat will appreciate.

“All of our toys are handcrafted in the USA, which is important to us and our customers,” Kaiser added. “The fabric is a high quality cotton twill that is strong enough to withstand scratches, bites, rabbit kicks and drool.”

DuckyWorld launched its Sun, Moon and Star toy set at the Global Pet Expo. All three colorful toys are filled with Yeowww! Catnip, and the sun-shaped toy has a crumpled perimeter.

Dog owners look for several characteristics when it comes to toys.

“As we’ve seen dogs become a lot more ‘humanized’ over the past few years, dog owners are looking for toys that help them integrate them more as a key member of the family,” said Avar. “This includes finding toys that use technology, toys that can stimulate your dog and can help him learn and grow, and toys that match the morals and basic needs of a pet owner’s household.” , whether it’s durable materials, availability for online purchase, and other features that homeowners care more than ever. As always, durability and “no-fuss” remain a top category for dog owners and consumer demand year after year. “

Johnson said that plush toys are still an ever popular toy category for dogs, although PLAY is seeing strong demand for more durable and interactive toys.

“Our Wobble Ball interactive treat dispenser toy remains a bestseller because it provides excellent mental stimulation during playtime, and with a dietary incentive, dogs don’t get tired of it easily,” she said. “For plush toys, creativity is the key to popularity, so something with a unique theme and a variety of features like our new Barking Brunch collection – or an updated take on a class theme like our new Party Time toys – can be a draw for this Category. “

Optimization of the assortment

Curation is the key

The availability of a wide selection is imperative for pet owners looking to find toys that will meet the needs of their pets.

“It’s important to offer a range of toys that fit different categories to meet different needs and play styles,” said Sarah Johnson, account manager for PLAY (Pet Lifestyle And You), a manufacturer of toys and games. pet beds in San Francisco. “To maximize the balance of the assortment, it is best to keep in mind the needs of your customers based on your region. If you are in an urban area, you may need to focus more on toys. suitable for dogs who spend more time indoors, such as interactive puzzle toys or plush toys. Those who live in rural areas or with large outdoor recreation areas may need an assortment more importantly toys suitable for outdoor play, such as water toys, durable balls or frisbee and fetch toys. “

Providing a selection tailored to the region has been key to successful toy sales for Pooch N Paws Boutique and Bakery, an Atlanta-area retailer.

“We happen to be located in an area where outdoor recreation is important, so our best selling toys are the ones that allow for a lot of outdoor interactions,” said CEO Daniel Burton. “That means a lot of throwing toys and frisbees.”

Dan Lavallee, director of Pet World in Natick, Mass., Said his store aims to offer as much variety as possible, but one shouldn’t ignore that the fastest selling toys – for cats and dogs – are those made in the USA.

Lavallee said that every time they buy a new toy, they give it a prominent location.

“Toys are one of those items that people keep coming to, so every time a manufacturer releases something new, we’ll get it on a tip or better yet, up front through the registry. “, did he declare. “Then we can assess if it’s going to sell well.”


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