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Bronx: I don’t understand why people are allowed to walk around with guns. We are talking about the second amendment, but this concept was created at the time of the American Revolution.

We think the solution is to keep guns out of the reach of the mentally ill, but a lot of people who are considered normal aren’t. We live in a sick society and we need to re-examine it and its values. We owe it to our children. We must do more than talk. We need to make the police presence felt, not just after a crime has been committed. A mass shooter can be quickly apprehended but that does not bring back the victims.

We must fight against the apathy and the negative forces that permeate our country. We have to tackle crime and we have to show that we mean it. This can be done humanely, without brutality, contrary to what some may think. You cannot fight violence with more violence. We set a bad example for our children when we lower our standards to the lowest denominator and then wonder why things are going wrong. They grow up in hypocrisy. No wonder they’re confused. People are looking for an escape, only they don’t know what they are escaping from.

Guns are not the solution. We cannot hope to improve our quality of life by living in fear. We must strive to break this cycle of negativity with an honest and sensible assessment of ourselves. Antonia Cruz

Edison, New Jersey: Ban AR-15s! Single-shot muskets were used in the drafting of the Constitution. Our ancestors never thought of weapons like an AR-15. It is a modern weapon of war. You don’t need it to hunt turkeys or deer. Laws can change — background checks, age requirements, red flag laws — but AR-15s are still available. I am 93 years old and I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I don’t want to see any more massacres. The second amendment says we have the right to bear arms, not to kill each other. Ban the AR-15 or it will never end. Edith Weiner

Brooklyn: It was 1972 and our history teacher was planning a trip to see “The Godfather” as a history lesson. I was 14 and we walked to the RKO Dyker Theater in Bay Ridge. It was the best day ever and history was made with James Caan on the big screen with Al Pacino. I was in heaven. Needless to say, it was the best class of my high school years. Rest in peace, James Caan, a brilliant New York actor who said his best career decision was to say no sometimes. A true icon who has lived her best life. Mariann Tepedino

Brooklyn: The Daily News is right (“Delay ahead,” editorial, June 23). The MTA has struggled with subway accessibility for years, including hiring high-priced private attorneys who dragged out our legal cases unnecessarily. But, to its credit, the MTA saw the elevator at the end of the tunnel by finally settling two of the three access lawsuits with disability advocates, including my organization. In this landmark agreement, the MTA does something no other transit system has: guarantees accessibility funding until the work is complete. Two other older systems, Boston and Chicago, have made earlier commitments to make their rapid transit systems accessible, but they must continually hunt for the dollars to make it happen. This will not happen in New York, assuming there is funding for capital projects in the first place. The MTA has pinned its plans on congestion pricing. If that paste doesn’t arrive, it will still be up to the state, city, and MTA to find the money to fix the system — and make it accessible. Joe Rappaport, Executive Director, Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled

Bronx: Here’s a simple note to Gov. Hochul: If you don’t get rid of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg soon for everything he’s not doing to keep NYC safe, you’ll lose my vote and many other votes in of the next elections. The writing (vote) is on the wall, and it could be goodbye for you two next year. jimmy durda

Galeton, Pennsylvania: On November 10, 1957, the Sunday Daily News ran a story about our 60th Wilcox family reunion. Photos showed my mother, Eula Horton, tucking six children into their straw beds at our cabin in Shunk, Pennsylvania. I was 14 years old. On August 20, we celebrate our 125th meeting at the same location. We no longer sleep on straw beds and the 1957 participants are a little older, but a gathering of 100 people is expected. George G. Horton

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Manhattan: I am writing to express my support for a bill currently on Governor Hochul’s desk for signature. It’s S1130, the bill banning the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in New York pet stores. This will close the pipeline to out-of-state commercial breeding facilities where breeding animals are intensively confined in unsanitary facilities and suffer unimaginable cruelty, no veterinary care, malnutrition and repeated forced impregnation and then are usually abandoned or killed. Babies sold in pet stores are often born with invisible birth defects or develop fatal diseases. People who buy them end up paying thousands of dollars for care, or often give them up. The vast majority of pet stores do not sell animals. For those that do, sales represent about 2% of turnover; 98% comes from products and services. The bill encourages in-store adoption events, which is morally correct and helps build customer loyalty to keep them selling products and services – a win/win. frank wild

Bronx: President Biden has promised to help bring Brittney Griner back from Russia. Big deal. He made many promises and kept very few. Richie Nagan

Fresh Meadows: Now that Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister, the UK government will be plunged into increased political chaos and there will be protests across the country. Whatever his reason for resigning, it may or may not have been the best action he could have taken. The fact that there have been mass resignations by members of his cabinet is also not a very positive sign of what is to come for Britain. Europe is already in turmoil because of the Ukrainian-Russian war. Johnson’s resignation will only add political fuel to the fire that is already burning. John Amato

Chicago: Since Donald Trump likes to stay one step ahead of his opponents, perhaps he should emulate Boris Johnson and step down now before his possible re-election, and his third impeachment, in 2024. Bob Ory

Maspeth: I agree with Voicer Steven Malichek, up to a point. I, too, “want to hear sworn testimony from the two Secret Service agents in the car Trump tried to take over.” However, I don’t understand why he feels this will never happen. All the agents have to do is say, “I would like to testify under oath, please,” and the January 6 Committee will be more than happy to listen. By the way, Acting Attorney General Richard Donohue (a Republican) testified under oath before the January 6 committee that Trump told him the Justice Department should just “say the election was corrupt and let the it’s up to me and the Republican members of Congress.” .” Is it hearsay? Do you believe this testimony, Mr. Malichek? Chris Roos

Clark, NJ: To Voicer Helena Mecca: The Speaker of the House does not have the authority to deploy or block the National Guard. Period. jeesh. Kevin Mallardi

Queens Village: Women have always had abortions, whether it’s legal or not, and they always will. We will never stop it. Making it legal simply prevents women and teenage girls from being harmed or killed in a botched abortion or trying to perform one on themselves. Plus, there are horrible and abusive monsters that should never be parents. Some women aren’t cut out for that. Harry Aydinian


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