Sam’s Toy Box: Best Pet Toys of 2019, Including Hatchimals, Loot Shaking Llamas, and Cubby the Curious Bear


CHICAGO (WLS) – If you’re struggling to figure out what to get your kids for the holidays, you’re in luck. Consumer Reporter Samantha Chatman opens the toy box. She has the hottest toys of 2019.

Toy expert Laurie Schact has spent several months trying out thousands of toys to make a list.

Hatchimals WOW! (Master of the spin)

-You have never hatched like this before! Introducing Hatchimals Biggest Surprise Yet: Hatchimals WOW! Inside the largest and first Hatchimals Egg ever to be re-hatched, is a Llalacorn delighted to meet you!
– Part unicorn, part llama, Hatchimals WOW is the first Hatchimal to express his emotions through movement – with a neck that can magically grow 32 inches high or narrow on its own, Hatchimals WOW is larger than life!
-Every time you hatch the egg, Llalacorn wakes up in one of 10 surprise moods! Apart from the egg, you can cuddle, feed, play games or tickle her! It only takes five minutes to hatch, but your Llalacorn can’t do it without you.
-To hatch, tilt the egg back and forth. When you see rainbow eyes through the shell, your Llalacorn is ready to hatch – she will grow up until she pushes the top of the egg singing “Hatchy Birthday!” With soft, fluffy fabric, a plush muzzle, and expressive eyes, you won’t know if you’re getting a pink or purple Llalacorn until you hatch!
-Discover the unique personality of your Hatchimals WOW by playing with it! Snuggle Llalacorn, and she will coo and shrink to a small size; play music and she will grow up singing high note; have her chase her confetti fruit accessory up and down; and tickle her to make her laugh and jump up and down!
-When you are ready for another hatching, return your Hatchimals WOW to its egg to hatch over and over again!
– With over 250 sounds and reactions, there is so much to discover as you play and care for your Hatchimals WOW! Bring home the ultimate Hatchimals surprise with Hatchimals WOW!
-Age: 5-7
-PDSF: $ 79.99
-Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart

Pomsies Lumies (Skyrocket)

-The next generation of pom-pom pomsies pets comes with a rainbow and musical touch.
-Kids can change the color of these interactive unicorn-like pets by placing them on an object.
-The new Pomsies absorb the color and shine of the object.
-Kids can use the color-matched play pattern to feed their Pomsies Lumies, coordinate with their outfits, or play games, such as Memory and Whack-A-Mole.
-When kids switch their Pomsies Lumies to Music Mode, their pets draw the rhythms and melodies of everyday objects through color.
-Each of the Three Lights has its own unique look and sound.
-Age: 5+

-PDSF: $ 19.99
-Available: All major retailers

Shimmering Stars (KD Kids)

-Shimmering stars are your fabulous furry friends who love to make everything shine and sparkle, including you!
-Add sparkle to your world with the glitter wand by using it to decorate the silky fur of your glitter star with tons of sparkly highlights, then sparkle your own hair to match. Together we sparkle!
-The Shimmer Wand stores over 200 twinkles of different shapes and colors inside the star. The shimmer is simple: select a shimmer and place it on the star, use the shimmer wand to pick it up, and press the button to turn an annoying patch of fur or hair into something shimmering!
-Shimmers work on all hair types, attaches easily and combs straight from the start – no glue or mess! The Shimmers are also reusable, so you can change your look at any time.
-Shimmer Stars also includes fashion accessories to wear and share: your pet’s tutu becomes a darling, the necklace can be worn as a bracelet, and the hair bow can be shared. A headband with matching ears completes your look!
-Set includes Shimmer Stars pet, Shimmer Wand tool, headband with matching ears, three wear and share fashion accessories, glitter comb, and over 200 Shimmers. Choose from a unicorn, panda, cat or dog.
-Age: 4+
-PDSF: $ 19.99

Pets Alive Boppi, the Booty-Shakin Llama (Zuru)

– Shake it like no one is looking at you! With three awesome songs to sing and sing along to, Boppi the Booty Shakin’s’ Llama’s bopping and head spinning moves will have the whole family dancing and laughing for hours on end.
-Pets Alive also includes Fifi the Flossing Sloth, Magical Unicorn, and Cute Scootin ‘Hamster WaterGirls.
– Age: 3-10
-PDSF: $ 19.99
-Available: Target, Walmart, Amazon

Rizmo (Tomy)

-From the far reaches of the Universe, comes the very first “Evolutionary Toy” which listens, learns, remembers and grows.
-Rizmo traveled the Earth in search of love, music and dance.
-As children interact, cuddle, sing and play with Rizmo, they will be surprised to learn how Rizmo has evolved over time as he grows and evolves from adorable baby Rizmo to playful child Rizmo and finally to the fun adult and music lover Rizmo.
-There are many games and ways to play with your Rizmo.
-You can also make music in “Music Maker” mode and even ask Rizmo to sing the songs you sing in “Sing Back” mode!
-He might even remember songs from his baby stage!
-What Rizmo will you get?
-Ages: 4+
-PDSF: $ 59.99
-Available: Target

Furreal Cubby the Curious Bear (Hasbro)

-furReal Cubby, the Curious Bear interactive plush toy is a dream companion for kids ages 4 and up – one who will enthusiastically participate in all of their adventures and snuggle up next to them at the end of the day.
-Cubby is a curious young teddy bear and can’t wait to be picked up and held (hugs you!), To play hide and seek and even to dance every now and then. And let’s not forget snack time! Give him his bottle or treat and he will make eating sounds.
-He’s also a talkative little bear – he babbles when spoken to. In night mode, this cutie closes her eyes, makes sleepy sounds, and plays one of four 5-minute sequences of soft music. Sweet dreams, Cubby!
-With moving eyes, nose and mouth, his face is deliciously expressive – a totally adorable teddy bear! Includes pet, 3-in-1 accessory, and instructions.
-Age: 4+
-PDSF: $ 119.99
-Available: most major retailers

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