San Diego Humane Society Needs Volunteer Pet Foster Homes – NBC 7 San Diego



The San Diego Humane Society is looking for volunteers willing to welcome animals one to three months old as they face a shortage as the holiday season approaches.

One of the fostering options available is the Safety Net Foster program, which is intended to prevent pet owners who experience temporary difficulties from being forced to abandon their pets. According to SDHS, by offering a reception solution, the animal never has to enter the shelter system and can return to its family to which it belongs after a temporary stay with a reception volunteer.

Adoption fees for dozens of adult animals will be waived at the San Diego Humane Society thanks to a partnership with the animal shelter and Mayor Todd Gloria.

“There are times when we see people facing eviction, domestic violence situations or other hardships that mean they need to be temporarily separated from their pets,” said Jackie Noble, Director of the nursery and the placement of the SDHS. “If we can provide their pets with a Safety Net temporary foster home, they can keep the pet they love and take it back as soon as they understand their situation.

“It’s a program that keeps animals out of shelters, keeps pet families together, and helps people in times of crisis,” Noble said.

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In particular, the San Diego Humane Society is looking for volunteers willing to welcome large dogs, mother bitches with puppies, and pets with medical and behavioral needs. Volunteers are supported by SDHS staff, who can answer questions and provide veterinary resources and services.

The SD Humane Society has dozens and dozens of pets available for adoption. Go here to meet them.



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