These popular pet toys can choke your dog or cat, so there’s an urgent reminder.


A few days ago we told you to stop giving your dog a particular type of food. This is because he tested positive for Salmonella, which is obviously quite dangerous. This isn’t the only recall pet owners should be aware of right now. There’s a brand new recall for pet toys that pose a choking hazard. If you have any of the Aldi Advent Calendars for cats and dogs mentioned in this recall, you should ensure that your pets cannot reach them.

Aldi pet toy recall

Aldi announced the recall of pet toys on December 9, in cooperation with Pet Brands Products. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued the press release announcing the action only earlier this week.

Aldi says it has received a small number of customer complaints about potential choking hazards. The company recalled two pet toy products that were sold in stores over the holidays, including the Pure Being Cat Advent Calendar and the Pure Being Dog Advent Calendar.

The company says it issued the recall out of caution. Aldi also said it discussed the complaints with its supplier. Here are the two products included in the Aldi pet toy recall:

  • Pure Being Cat Advent Calendar – 5.15oz Box: UPC 4099100267754; “Best if used by” all
  • Pure Being Dog Advent Calendar – 5.15oz Box: UPC 4099100267747; “Best if used by” all

The short recall announcement does not specify any cases of injury to cats and dogs due to choking. Also, it doesn’t say how many pet owners have complained about the choking hazard.

what you should do

Aldi says it has removed the above pet toy products from stores, so shoppers won’t be able to buy them anywhere now that they’re part of the recall. If you have already purchased one of the two advent calendars, you should throw it away immediately. Another option is to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund, the company said.

Whatever you do, you should be sure to remove defective pet toys from your cat or dog’s recall. Even though they’ve had no problems playing with them so far, the choking hazard is serious. If your cat or dog has had any problems after playing with these toys, you should consider consulting a veterinarian.

Buyers looking for more information can contact Pet Brands Products Customer Service. Aldi has provided all the contact information you need in its press release. Visit the FDA pet toy recall page at this link.

Finally, if you live in Minnesota, you should be sure to check out this pet foot recall as well, as some products may contain traces of Salmonella. You should immediately stop giving them to your dog or cat.


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