Urgent recall issued for popular pet toys


A line of pet toys sold in the popular Aldi grocery chain has been recalled by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The agency announced this week that Pet Brands Products dog and cat advent calendars pose a choking hazard to pets around the world. Customers should verify that their pet is safe.

Aldi and Pet Brands Products announced their recall of Pure Being Advent calendars on December 9, although the FDA did not release the announcement itself until Wednesday, January 5. According to Aldi, a small number of customers have complained that the toys are dangerous to their pets, so out of caution they have been recalled. Customers are asked to return toys to point of purchase for a full refund, or simply dispose of them safely.

The affected products are the Pure Being Cat Advent Calendar and the Pure Being Dog Advent Calendar, both sold in 5.15 ounce packages. So far, there have been no reports of pet injuries, and it is not known how many complaints precipitated this recall. However, Aldi and the FDA are urging customers who have had problems to take their pets to the vet immediately.

The recall will be a blow to Aldi, which has steadily gained ground in the United States in recent years. The company started in Germany in 1946 with one store and has now expanded to 20 countries. The chain’s name combines the last name of its founders, Karl and Theo Albrecht, with the German word “Diskont”, which means discount.

In the United States, Aldi is known for its good prices on imported products, with a few niceties in the usual grocery store layout that set it apart. Customers often need to use a shift to reserve a cart, and employees are allowed to sit on stools at cash registers.

The Aldi Group also operates Trader Joe’s markets in the United States, although many customers are unaware that they are under the same brand. Trader Joe’s started out as an independent family-owned store in California in the 1960s and has slowly grown into a regional chain. The Albrecht brothers bought the company in 1979 and helped expand it into its current national form.

For more information on this or any other recall, visit the FDA website. If you have a recalled Pure Being Advent Calendar, be sure to bring it to an Aldi store as soon as possible.


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