US pet toy market exceeds $ 1 billion


ROCKVILLE, Maryland., July 27, 2017 / PRNewswire / – Toys is the largest sustainable pet care category for dogs and cats, with sales exceeding $ 1 billion threshold in 2016, against $ 851 million in 2011. This reflects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4%, according to market research firm Packaged Facts in the all-new report Dog and Cat Toys: US Pet Market Trends and Opportunities. Packaged Facts predicts similar annual earnings through 2020.

As in the overall market, dogs represent the lion’s share of sales, at 75% in 2016, with cats accounting for the remaining quarter. Dog toys continue to experience steady growth in sales as one of the fastest growing segments in the sustainable pet care category. Much of the growth can be attributed to the constant demand for sports and fetch toys, as well as a renewed interest in chew toys and a new love for more durable plush toys. Packaged Facts identifies the rise of chew and plush dog toys as a promising opportunity for manufacturers and retailers of pet products.

Historically, dog owners have always been more willing to purchase toys for their pets than cat owners, notes David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts. An examination of households by type of pet over the past six years shows that this trend has been consistent over the entire period. It should also be noted that the percentage of households with cats or dogs who buy toys also remained above 53% for this period, although there were larger changes in the percentage of households buying. toys that only have cats or only dogs. However, the biggest change, and positive one more, is in households with cats and dogs. In these households, the purchase of toys increased from 57% of households purchasing toys in 2011 to 67% of households in 2016.

The humanization of pets and ‘pets as a family’ trends are playing a central role in the growth of the toy industry. For example, dog owners have a very strong tendency to use new toys to pamper their pets. In fact, survey data shows that 88% of dog owners agree that they enjoy pampering their pets with new toys. Of course, long gone are the days when any old stick or shoe would do for a toy. Attitudes have changed dramatically over the decades, and now only 36% of dog owners report that their pets regularly use household items as toys more than commercial toys, which is ideal for pet toy makers in the world. company.

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Dog and Cat Toys: US Pet Market Trends and Opportunities provides in-depth analysis of dog and cat toys sales across all channels of the US market, focusing on the key toy categories driving the market and highlighting sales trends. The report covers sales of chew, plush, rubber, fetch, tug and puzzle toys, as well as cat scratchers and cat holders, discussing the top traders in each category. All of the information and analysis in the report is highly accessible, presented in concise text and easy-to-read and convenient charts, tables and charts.

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