Warrick Humane Society ‘unleashes’ new T-shirt fundraiser


Several years ago, my husband and I went to get a puppy. We found the cutest little fur ball that looked like a teddy bear. It was so squishy and fuzzy. Then he started to grow. And he grew and he grew and he grew until he weighed 100 pounds. I would estimate that about half was FUR.

Oh my God, this dog could lose. He was an Akita and I later found out that Akitas are the most shed dog you can have. Balls of fur would just fall when he got rid of his winter coat. We had to have it professionally removed every year.

I like it a lot but the FUR!

So when I saw Warrick Humane Society’s new fundraising shirt, I immediately thought of old Kodi Bear. Not only was he hairy, but he was also very soft. He was such a sweet dog that little kids in the neighborhood would knock on the door and ask if he could come out and play. And a neighbor regularly took Kodi fishing or out for ice cream. I was getting texts – “Hey, I have Kodi, I’ll come back later.”

The shirt says “Spread Kindness Like Pet Hair” and if there was as much kindness in this world as even Kodi’s fur, we’d all be in better shape.

WHS said in a press release:

Remind the world to be kind and “spread kindness like animal hair” (everywhere!) when you purchase one of these shirts! The Warrick Humane Society is hosting an online event selling shirts that say, “Spread Kindness Like Pet Hair.” The shirts are available to order now – August 30, 2022. The shirts are available in unisex, women’s, and kids’ sizes and come in a variety of colors and styles, including long sleeves, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more. hood, short sleeves and tank tops. Proceeds benefit animals at the Warrick Humane Society shelter.

The shirts start at $24.99 and come in multiple colors. You can buy yours here.

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