Wayfair pet essentials sale: save up to 50%


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TL; DR: As of June 15, Wayfair has been running a pet essentials sale with items up to 50% off, plus up to 80% off closing offers.

Whether you’ve recently adopted a pet during the pandemic or been a long-time fur parent, you want the best for your pet. Just like you treat yourself to good sales, you can spoil your pet with new bedding, toys, and more when you find good bargains.

The Wayfair pet essentials sale is here for all your candle needs, with up to 50% off items like dog beds, cat trees, chicken coops, rabbit hutches and many others. In addition, you will also find closing offers with discounts of up to 80%. This sale ends June 25. Here are some of our favorite offers.

Active cats will love to climb and find their way around this cat tree. It includes ladders, covered condos, and scratching posts for a variety of cat entertainment options. It’s great if you have multiple cats. This cat tree is priced at a reduced price of $ 153 when selling pet essentials.

Credit: go to the pet club

This plush foam sofa bed will keep your dog (or cat) comfortable while they lie down. It is available in different sizes, so it is suitable for both small and large dogs, and is very practical for pets with arthritis. The bed has squishy bolsters on three sides that serve as a support or pillows. While on sale, this bed is $ 26.43 off.

Bernice Quilted Orthopedic Sofa for Dogs - from $ 23.53

Credit: archie & oscar

Small animals need love too and this hutch will allow your rabbits to live like royalty. It is on several levels and has doors, a ramp, a manger and a ladder. It is ideal for playing and sleeping. Plus, it has that cute, rustic barn look. This pet hutch is priced at a reduced price of $ 47.91.

Animal hutch with feeder - $ 181.99

Credit: archie & oscar

Your pet needs to eat and this set of non-slip bowls allows them to do so without creating a giant mess. Because it is elevated, your pet won’t have to crouch and bend down to meet food. However, you can remove the silicone dishes and feet if you don’t want to use the elevation. This set of bowls is on sale for $ 18 off.

Raised Non-Slip Pet Bowls - $ 21.99

Credit: petmaker


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