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DEAR PET TALK: What are the right toys for your pet?

– Loves all pets

DEAR LOVES ALL ANIMALS: The best toy for any pet is your time and your love. When you play with your cat, dog, rabbit or “pocket animal”, they get the message that you are someone they can trust. But it’s not just mammals that like to play – talk to anyone who keeps chickens, or has a parrot, or even keeps fish or a reptile, and you’ll hear stories about these creatures who want interact with their human.

Still, it’s gift-giving season and every pet would love a new toy! Cats are pretty easy to buy – catnip for those over a year old and toys that roll, rattle or have dangling parts (securely attached). Avoid toys made of Mylar, or any plastic wrap that shatters, or has thin plastic strings that can be ripped off and swallowed. Fishing rods with a ribbon will be appreciated.

Dogs are often happy with a ball – any size will do, or a fun toy to carry around. Our dog, Sarr-yu, likes to chase a thrown pinecone—since we live near the woods, she’ll never run out of toys.

Another easy-to-make dog fun is a “tug toy.” Take three pieces of fabric about 2 to 3 inches wide and at least 22 inches long. Tie at the top, then braid. Tie down. Some dogs, like bully breeds, like to have something to play “tug of war” with. Tell us about your pet’s favorite toys.

Sally Cragin is the Director of Be PAWSitive Therapy Pets and Community Education. Send your questions to: [email protected]


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