Why is the Biden administration repaying Ukraine’s debt but not ours?


“The Biden administration is allocating billions to reduce the budget deficit…in Ukraine.”

It looks like a parody title of the Babylon Beebut it’s actually a real thing happening on the watch of President Joe Biden.

On Monday, the United States Agency for International Development, or USAID, announcement send another $4.5 billion of US taxpayers’ money to Ukraine. And it’s not going to humanitarian aid or even weapons to fight Russia’s brutal invasion – questionable but at least understandable forms of US aid – it’s going to reduce the Ukrainian government’s budget deficit.

Yes really.

“The United States, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in coordination with the United States Department of the Treasury, is providing an additional $4.5 billion in direct budget support to the Government of Ukraine to help alleviate the acute budget deficit caused by Putin’s decision. brutal war of aggression”, the agency said in his statement. “The Ukrainian government will receive the funding in tranches, starting with a disbursement of $3 billion in August.”

“This contribution was made possible by the generous bipartisan support of Congress,” notes USAID.

Yet, like my BASEDPolitics colleague, Jack Hunter underline, Congress is only “generous” “with American taxpayers’ money…and/or money borrowed on our behalf”. What kindness and altruism on their part!

Senator Rand Paul rightly mocked USAID for this announcement.

“WOW!” he wrote on Twitter. “The US government is actually trying to cut the deficit!! ?? Oh wait, that’s for Ukraine, too bad. Do as usual with your [tax money].”

Keep in mind that the United States is $30.6 trillion indebted. That’s an incredible amount of $243,797 per federal taxpayer. The national debt is now larger than what our entire economy produces in a year, a benchmark that economists have historically considered a red flag.

And it only gets worse. We ran an incredible $2.77 billion budget deficit in 2021, which means that is the amount that was added to the debt last year, the second highest on record.

Our shockingly high debt has dramatic consequences for ordinary people. We will soon have to shell out trillions more in taxes every year just to cover the interest. In addition, debt crowds out private sector investment, shrinking economy and declining income. And the massive spending deficit of the past two years has played a significant role in fueling the inflation that is ruining families right now.

All this to say that we have our own budgetary problems to deal with.

The idea that we would send billions of our tax dollars halfway around the world to pay off another country’s debts while drowning in our own is far-fetched. The US government is supposed to serve the public interest first and foremost.

We can and should have immense sympathy for the Ukrainian people. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine is horrific and condemnable, resulting in widespread bloodshed. It can even be argued that we should financially support the Ukrainian people with humanitarian aid, although whether this should be through private charitable efforts or force through taxation also remains debatable.

But there is simply no way to justify stealing billions from people during a recession and crushing inflation to pay the bills of a foreign government. For this to happen on Biden’s watch is just another way his administration is making America last.

Brad Polumbo (@Brad_Polumbo) is co-founder of Based-Politics.comco-host of Policy Based podcastand one Washington Examiner donor.


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