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Photo credit: Wild One; Danielle Saint-Pierre

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There are a lot of interesting things that make us wonder: do they really work? In our I tried it series, we decided to use them in the real world and determined that, in fact, they really do.

On trial: Wild One Pet Essentials

Tester: Danielle Saint-Pierre, a believer that your pet should live as stylishly as you do

The brief: Since adopting my rescue puppy, Jet, last summer, I’ve taken a crash course in removing the bullshit when it comes to pet gear that just doesn’t work.

Having a 40 pound pit bull mix means we take at least four walks a day, which too means at least four sets to put on and then take off the collar, harness, leash and other Jet walking equipment. After trying several Amazon brands for the sake of convenience, I quickly realized that many pet brands save money on quality and long-term use.

Photo credit: Wild One

Photo credit: Wild One

Then i discovered A savage – a Brooklyn-based pet equipment brand that makes functional accessories, healthy treats and essential toiletries so your dog can walk, play and live in style. Needless to say, Jet’s life has improved so much since this sweet discovery.

You have probably spotted A savage on Instagram without even realizing it. Make no mistake, this is the genius of the brand: they are minimalists in the best and smartest way. Wild One’s functional and understated pet accessories blend seamlessly into virtually any aesthetic while standing out from the crowd, so to speak, thanks to their thoughtful, modern and highly functional design. I can spot a Wild One harness a block away, and I know this dog knows they are also living the good life.

I tried a selection of products in all of the brand’s categories, toiletries like eucalyptus and natural peppermint. Revitalizing shampoo and hypoallergenic Grooming wipes to their natural rubber chew toys.

Photo credit: Wild One

Photo credit: Wild One

For this review, I am focusing on Savage harness, because it’s been the most miles since day one, and I’m stopped by other pet owners all the time asking me where I got it. This harness comes in eight chic colors for dogs of all sizes. The site’s size guide is also a handy visual aid, displaying several photos submitted by reviewers of different breeds wearing the harness.

After fumbling through several difficult-to-use harnesses, I appreciate the easy-to-engage torso buckles, adjustable woven nylon straps, and the soft, stretchy poly base of the Wild One harness. The coated carbon steel D-rings located in three different leash connection areas also add versatility, because, as the brand says, “We all lead in different ways.”

Wild One offers kits in each category, and this harness also comes with the Walking kit with harness if you need a matching collar, leash and poop bag dispenser. Jet requires a slightly heavier leash and a bigger collar as he hunts in the moonlight as a squirrel hunter, but I have fallen in love with this harness and use it no less than four times a day.

Closing argument: I recommend just about every product I’ve tried from Wild One, but if I had to pick one standout item, this is the smart one Wild One Harness. At less than $ 50, it’s a steal and a wise investment for any discerning dog parent. Start with the harness and then once you’re hooked I guarantee you’ll come back for more matching pet essentials.

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